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008Dean Price has 15 years of hands-on experience in the petroleum and biofuels industry, with extensive knowledge of ground-level sales and waste-oil collection. His path to biodiesel and a new economy in the rural south was recently chronicled in The Unwinding, a New York Times bestseller by George Packer.
• CEO, Green Circle NC (2012-2015)
• Founder and CEO, Red Birch (1997-2011): Virginia-based biodiesel company that collects, refines, and sells biodiesel direct to consumers
• Franchise Owner (1997-2011): Exxon, Citgo, Bojangles, Backyard Burgers, Tastee Freez
• Independent Salesman, 1992-1997: focused on pharmaceutical and orthopedic sales with Johnson and Johnson

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We believe Biodiesel will help our state and country become more self-sufficient. That way we don’t have to rely on other countries for fuel and will be less vulnerable. We know the use of Biodiesel will provide Americans more jobs, reduce emissions and help our vehicles last longer through better efficiency. Most importantly we believe Biodiesel is best for the future of our children who will inherit our planet.


Biodiesel will also allow us to have a fuel that is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Non-Flammable and actually smells good out of the exhaust pipe! Smells like french fries! Mmmmmm.


In the near future we will be partnering with local farmers to help supply them with fuel and help them in growing oil producing crops. This will provide them a new market for food oil crops and non-food oil crops.

Please help us with our cause and at the same time give your business a STRONG LOCAL PRESENCE that you and your customers can be PROUD of.


Dean Price of Biodiesel 4 Schools Featured in NY Times Bestseller

Dean Price and Biodiesel 4 Schools in "The Unwinding,"

Read the story of Dean Price, and what lead him to Biodiesel 4 Schools in this NY Times Bestseller, "The Unwinding" by George Packer.