Biodiesel 4 Schools

The Ultimate School Fundraiser



Our Mission is…
To raise funds that will be used to support our classrooms thereby ensuring that all students master the skills necessary for success as life-long learners in a rapidly changing world.

To Fulfill Our Mission…
We ask our local restaurants to participate in the program. We will actively encourage the community to request support from the local restaurants and in turn, to patronize the restaurants that help support our schools.

Fundamental To Our Mission…
Is a commitment for the community to work together, realizing that the school system is the “life line” between our students and their futures.


How the Fundraiser Works

  1. We collect used cooking oil from local restaurants.
  2. The used cooking oil is then processed into quality feedstock to make Biodiesel fuel.
  3. The used cooking oil is then sold to be made into Biodiesel—a much cleaner, more environmentally safe form of energy than current diesel fuel.
  4. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the used cooking oil will then be awarded back to schools to support:
    • Classroom Teachers
    • Teacher Assistants
    • Technology for classrooms
    • Fuel to fund student transportation and extra-curricular activities.


Immediate Benefits

The Biodiesel 4 Schools program is bringing the following benefits to the school district and the community:

  • Saves the school district thousands of dollars
  • Helps keep teachers, teacher assistants and technology in our classrooms
  • Provides an avenue for restaurant owners to generate positive PR by “giving back” to the community
  • Offers alternative solutions for our school system in dealing with our current economic problems
  • Allows the county to be more self-reliant—generating and redistributing economic resources locally
  • Propels the county to a leadership position that provides an example for other communities to follow
  • And, it’s just the right thing to do.

Long-term Benefits

The Biodiesel 4 Schools program is bringing the following benefits to the school district and the community:

  • Cleaner air for the children to breath on the buses
  • Plants the seeds of a new economic model that will bring jobs, requiring new skills
  • Helps the state of NC meet its goal of 10% homegrown fuel by the year 2017
  • Fuel expenses go from a variable cost to a fixed cost
  • Enables the school district to potentially start a biofuels curriculum, better preparing the students for the 21st century
  • Helps ween the county off of foreign oil dependency.

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Economic Imperatives

There are THOUSANDS of people employed in the County School Systems, making them one of the largest employers in the counties across North Carolina. All of these jobs are totally dependent on getting our children to school. Very simply, we would have no school without busing. If the buses don’t run, students don’t fill the seats. If fewer students attend school on any given day for any reason, the district automatically receives less state money.

In the days following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the NC public school system came within 24 hours of having to close the schools, because of a shortfall of fuel coming for the buses. Today, the school districts face a similar challenge, not because the fuel is unavailable but because it has gotten too expensive. This forces the school district to cut back on miles traveled by the buses. Cutting transportation isn’t an option. School districts should not have to choose between digging deep into ever-tightening money reserves and getting students to school. The Biodiesel 4 Schools program is an insurance policy against such economically, catastrophic events.


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Dean Price and Biodiesel 4 Schools in "The Unwinding,"

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