KFC and Biodiesel 4 Schools help kids who need winter coats

Recently, Kentucky Fried Chicken in conjunction with Green Circle NC and their Biodiesel 4 Schools program, donated $1,000 to Northwest Elementary. The money will be used by Northwest to provide students in need with winter coats and uniforms. In appreciation of KFC and the the Biodiesel 4 Schools program, 5th grade students in Ms. McGehee’s Art Classes painted one of the oil collection bins used in the recycling program.



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Dean Price of Biodiesel 4 Schools Featured in NY Times Bestseller

Dean Price and Biodiesel 4 Schools in "The Unwinding,"

Read the story of Dean Price, and what lead him to Biodiesel 4 Schools in this NY Times Bestseller, "The Unwinding" by George Packer.