The Guilford Revolution

Guilford college is a private-liberal arts institution located in Greensboro, NC. Furthermore, it is an institution which truly expresses the S in stewardship. Daily, students, faculty, staff, and all others on campus; are accountable for  practicing sustainability (I.e. composting, recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, etc.) How is this the case? Guilford opens many doors for students to become involved in activities encompassing sustainability. For example, students have the opportunity to work on the campus farm and develop an understanding of sustainable farming practice and engage in distributing fresh food to the Greensboro community, planting, harvesting, and conducting water quality research. In addition, students have the opportunity to select a major or minor encompassing environment and sustainability, which gives students a broader hands-on learning experience and understanding of the relations between humans and the environment. To conclude, Guilford college goes above and beyond to maintain it’s sustainable culture.

The Guilford revolution, is a newly presented and strategic plan to make Guilford college the first Green college in the South! In other words, a college campus that is completely green and carbon-neutral.