The Little Bus That Could Go Green

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I’ll bet you don’t give a lot of thought to how kids are transported to and from schools, right?  You put them on the bus and think about it again when it is time to pick them up later in the day. Fortunately, though, two people have given a great deal of thought to running those buses (and cars, trucks, etc) more cleanly, reducing emissions our kids are exposed to in their daily commute. Along with co-host Seth Handy, we brought together Dean Price, co-owner of Green Circle, NC, parent company of the innovative new program, Biodiesel for Schools, and our friend, contributor and brilliant science teacher, Ross McCurdy.   These two leaders takes us full circle as we understand all of the benefits of shifting our fuel supplies for buses to biodiesel and, possibly, hydrogen fuel cells–how such a shift impacts the local environment, economy, food production and, potentially, brings great benefit to farmers. Perhaps most importantly, you will see that this shift moves us one step closer to energy independence and adds a major component to growing our domestic economy and jobs.

Guests’ Bios: 

Dean Price

Dean Price is the co-owner of Green Circle NC the parent company of the innovative new program called Biodiesel for Schools. Dean is a passionate, dynamic, team-oriented communications professional with more than 15 years experience and “hands on” knowledge about the inner workings of the petroleum and biofuels industries. Dean commands a thorough knowledge of these industries at a grassroots level, which was gained from the point of view of a truck-stop owner, a farmer, an entrepreneur, a biofuel producer, an oil collector, as well as, a concerned American. Dean understands the far reaching effects these industries have on every fabric of our civil society and the scale of the transition to a Bio-economy that is required. Dean was recently featured in a NY Times best seller and the 2013 National Book Award winner entitled “The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America” written by George Packer of the New Yorker magazine. Dean believes the best way to predict the future is to create it. 

Ross  McCurdy

Ponaganset Teacher Ross McCurdy is a RI College 2012 Alumni Honor Roll Recipient 

Alumni Award Winner 

The RIC Alumni Awards are presented each May to graduates whose personal and professional achievements and services bring honor upon themselves and the college. In 2002, Ross McCurdy brought a small hydrogen fuel cell to RIC’s Physical Sciences Department, a device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy. As the project grew, he obtained grant funds to purchase a fuel cell powerful enough to supply the electricity to power amplifiers for the rock band Protium, with McCurdy on bass guitar. Under his guidance, Ponaganset High received $100,000 to develop a Model T Roadster powered by fuel cell technology. The high school also recieved $1 million from the Department of Defense to convert the school’s energy demands to low-emission alternative sources. 


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Dean Price of Biodiesel 4 Schools Featured in NY Times Bestseller

Dean Price and Biodiesel 4 Schools in "The Unwinding,"

Read the story of Dean Price, and what lead him to Biodiesel 4 Schools in this NY Times Bestseller, "The Unwinding" by George Packer.