Did you know that ALL diesel engines can run on biodiesel?


About Us

Biodiesel 4 Schools (B4S) licenses a multi-step business model that enables licensees to introduce clean fuel to their

Our goal is to ensure every school bus in the United States is running on Advanced Biodiesel made in their own community.

Our Services

Take part in any one of the three steps and create your own fuel!

STEP 1: Collection Consulting

Provide licensing plans for harvesting feedstock & collecting waste cooking oil (WCO) from local restaurants and grocery stores.

STEP 2: Process & blend

We'll provide the equipment and show you step-by-step how to blend ASTM fuel-grade biodiesel.

STEP 3: distribute & power

With our experience and proof of concept we'll help you partner with schools so that we can power local buses with high-quality biodiesel fuel!



You'll receive the plans, tools and the continual support necessary to start producing Advanced Grade Biodiesel for your local community.

Bring clean fuel to your local community

Reduce your municipality’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Take the lead and we'll support you every step of the way

Together, we can create good-paying, sustainable jobs in both cities and rural areas.


Reasons to use biodiesel

Reduces Waste

Environmentaly friendly way to recycle waste cooking oil.

Saves Money

With HIGH fuel prices, it saves money for all parties involved.  Tax savings and incentives for most states.

Energy Independence

Does not need to use fossil fuels.  Saves our own natural resources.


Recycles waste cooking oil from most restaurants for biodiesel fuel for your buses.

As Featured In

New York Times Bestseller: “The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America

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