Did you know that ALL diesel engines can run on biodiesel without modification?

Did you know that ALL diesel engines can run on biodiesel without modification? A lot of people don’t, but that’s something Biodiesel4Schools is looking to change! 

At B4S, we embrace a three-step process and are prepared to license and consult for each of our steps individually so that you can bring clean biodiesel to your community.

At B4S, we embrace a three-step process:


Collect waste cooking oil from local restaurants and grocery stores


Process the cooking oil into ASTM fuel-grade biodiesel


Partner with schools so that we can power local buses with high-quality biodiesel fuel!

Biodiesel is Like "Liquid Gold"

Our innovative business model is specifically designed to be replicated over and over again in communities across the United States. And why not? There’s literally an infinitely-renewable oil well just sitting behind your local restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores. And that’s not to mention oil seed crops from farmers. 

Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) has long been considered a completely useless food byproduct. In fact, many restaurants spend a fortune every year disposing of it properly, with most of it ending up at massive rendering plants, many of which are overseas.

It’s a way of doing things that’s extremely outdated, which is why Biodiesel4Schools is looking to “shake things up.” Most restaurant owners don’t care who picks up their WCO – they just want it gone.

But if presented with the opportunity to see it go to power local school buses, most restaurant owners would jump at the chance to help out. 

Why? Because it’s smart.

It’s good PR.

And it’s good business.

Reduce Emissions and Dependence on Foreign Energy

Why not put WVO to the best possible use? Why not reverse the outward flow of this valuable resource and instead use it to create more sustainable (and affordable) transportation for our country’s biggest asset: our children. Not only can we reduce air pollution, we can create good-paying jobs in both cities and rural areas. Best of all, we can start the process of weaning ourselves off of foreign oil. 

It’s a win for everyone, especially our kids. 

The Man Behind the Movement

Biodiesel4Schools is the brainchild of Dean Price. He and his business partner own a truck stop in Virginia where they manufacture biodiesel made from locally grown canola.

 However, Dean also has over 20 years of experience working in the petroleum and biofuels industry, with extensive knowledge of both ground-level sales and the waste-oil collection process.

He created Biodiesel4Schools because he saw a huge opportunity to change the way we think about power and energy. If he could, he’d convert every school bus in the country over to biodiesel. And while it might take some time, it’s a goal he’s aiming to achieve.